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Debora Aldo

Mosaic maker, teacher, explorer, and intrepid traveler.

Located in The Quiet Corner of Connecticut.

Deb is a trained Landscape Architect who has spent years focused on the act of creating. She began drawing as a toddler and as she grew she moved on to painting, and finally to dimensional objects and the creation of spaces such as gardens, way-finding, and public art. 

Deb saw her first mosaic at the Louvre in Paris at the age of 17. It was a sea-change moment for her and she knew she would make mosaics… however, it took 20 years for her to get back to it! Deb now creates mosaics for cities and residences all over the USA and abroad.

Deb began making mosaics in 1997. Her education and background in art and landscape architecture led her to work on large-scale outdoor pebble and stone mosaic terraces, fountains, and wall hangings. She has completed both interior and exterior works for residential and commercial clients such as hospitals, boutique hotels, and restaurants. Among her clients is the city of Hollywood FL, the town of Killingly CT, and most well-known of all Tom Brady and his wife Giselle Bundchen. 

Deb has received numerous awards for her art and her work has been on exhibit at SAMA Mosaic Arts International, The Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA, and Galleries in Ireland, Austria, and all across America. She has worked in collections internationally and has taught all over the world including in Guatemala and Europe.

Deb learned her craft from Maggy Howarth, Sherri Warner Hunter, Sophie Drouin, Verdiano Marzi, Kim Emerson, and countless other teachers/classes. She has spent time in Europe studying mosaics and taking immersive workshops. And in 2020 she even got the opportunity to teach in Europe! 

When not working on commissions Deb enjoys spending time in the studio letting her own voice speak through the use of pebbles, stone, glass, shell, bone, metal detritus, and other oddities to create dimensional works in a contemporary style. She has been teaching art for the last 22 years and travels across North America and abroad teaching mosaics, visiting retreats, and working on projects.

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