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Community Projects

Can be for a small group such as 10 - 20 or for large groups such as 200 - 400. Large projects must have more volunteers and some training for things to run smoothly. Prices start at $3500 for a 10-day project, with 6 hours of contact time, 2 hours set up/breakdown, and reporting.

TEEG in CT. This is the Four Seasons pathway after installation. Slabs similar to this are available. Materials may vary, depending on availability. Contact me for more information on your project. The average cost of a 12" square ranges in price from $100 to $200 depending on materials and design complexity. You install them yourself.


Community Center

TEEG in CT. This was a small part of the crew that helped to put together these 4-Season slabs that were installed in a walkway.


Community Center

AFTER at Piece by Piece. This is the staff and some of the participants at piece by Piece in Hollywood CA. The slabs in front of them were a weekend's work. Awesome JOB to all! I still stay in touch with some of these folks!


Piece-by-Piece Hollywood ,CA

This is the sketch that was used at Piece by Piece in Los Angeles to create an exterior carpet for the entrance to their headquarters. There were 18 people in the class, plus two of the directors. As I facilitated the class this pre-cast pebble rug came together in 2 days and no one of these people had ever made one before.


Quilt Design Hollywood, CA

This POWER HOUSE group was one of my first mosaic classes. Seattle, WA. Pebble Mosaic Class. Still in touch with all of these very amazing women. The project was four students, and 4 slabs that created an image.


Seattle Pebble

Seattle Boys and Girls Club. Detail of installation left and as installed to the right of detail 4' square. Special thanks to Kelley Knickerbocker. I loved working with her and meeting and keeping in touch with the amazing women who made these pebble mosaics.


Seattle Pebble Mosaic

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