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Exterior Designs

Projects have included pebble mosaic pre-cast paving slabs. Prices are by the foot for pavers - small sectional paving for clients to install themselves - starting at $150 or by the project starting at $10,000. Materials include high-fire porcelain ceramic and stone. Currently, our focus is on upright panels starting at $3000 per mounted panel.



Starfish Medallion

This is a detail of a pebble mosaic terrace that was built in a residential backyard in greater Boston. This paving colorful and full of motion. The area is 12' long and 9' wide. It took thousands of pounds of stone, much of which came from a variety of beaches from around the world. It took about 6 weeks to build and was done onsite. This is not the standard way we work but the client was not worried about the site being level. This nook was viewed from the kitchen upstairs and was as much an adornment in the yard as opposed to an actual seating area.


Levine Oval

These images represent Equinoxes and part of a compass point. These are part of a residential installation outside of Boston MA for a private client.


3 Sisters Detail



3 Sisters Full

This is a detail of a 4' round medallion inset into a terrace that was 11 x 14'. This work is pebble paving in tan and black stone of various sizes.


Acanthus Det

This is the full-size medallion. Here you can see the plantings and the context of the pebble mosaic medallion. 


Acanthus Full



Pheasant Hunt



Persian Carpet

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