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Fine Art Projects

Our fine art projects encompass both traditional and modern styles, reflecting the versatility and creativity of the artist. Here, you'll find stunning examples of mosaic, intarsia, pietra dura, and other techniques, demonstrating my commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and artistic excellence. Explore the gallery to discover how I bring exquisite beauty to life through the unique combination of natural materials and artistic vision.

Created in Ravenna Italy in the Ravenna Method. With assistance from Ariana Gallo, Luca Barberini, and Aniko Ferriera Da Silva, one of the members of the acclaimed CaCo3. Without Aniko, this would not have been completed in the time allotted. On this visit, I spent a month in Ravenna. It was a pivotal experience. This town is a place where all aspiring and accomplished mosaic artists should visit to study and visit the many museums and schools dedicated to mosaics.

This portrait is in the collection of the artist. Shelberta departed on 8/2019. RIP girl.



Peacock Feathers are a favorite of mine. They symbolize prosperity and abundance. This one was 10" square of sandstone, smalti, and smalti transparent. This little gem was made as a gift for Olive in Listowel, Ireland after I spent a month there on residency at the Olive Stack Gallery. It was a great experience and still a fond memory. I plan to go back sometime.


Olives Feather

This was an installation at a gallery on the shore of CT. The works here were done in collaboration with another artist and they are mosaic and LED. The name of the exhibit was Ars Bionica.


Tesselation Illumination

This series is Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (upper left) which discusses air pollution released by factories. Lower left is GMO Garden, talking about modifying our food and the potential outcomes both good and bad. The mosaic on the right is Oil and Water Don't Mix which is talking about a very long-running oil spill along the East Coast of the US in the southern states that caused significant issues for humans and wildlife. The oil slick floating atop the coast of the Atlantic Ocean was on fire. These pieces were made of carved substrate set onto a hand-made cement substrate. All had stone, smalti, and gold as well as dichroic glass and dalle de verre. The entire series is AVAILABLE. Contact me to have a conversation about these pieces or something else you would like to commission.


Please Reconsider Series

Once upon a time in a faraway time several decades ago and beyond, civil servants were able to work with each other instead of always feeling the need to be at odds. Calling on elected officials to please stop being so partisan. Doesn't matter which side: Get something done!

Available. Contact me for more info. Was $700, negotiable. $400 reserve.


Across the Aisle

Green bali stone, cut and pebble form, smalti, granite, art glass. This is a reference to the foundation and layers of experiences our own lives are composed of as well as a reference to layers of stone that comprise up the crust of the earth upon which we all reside. SOLD! This piece took first place at the former Ciel Gallery owned by the wonderful Pam Goode.


Stratum of Foundations

Tribal is made with red-hued bluestone, red slate, and red and white pebbles. It is a reference to sticking with the tribe you know as opposed to a broader group of people.



Golden Mean is made of stone, pebble, rusted metal hardware, gold, and glass. This small piece SOLD in 2022.


Golden Mean

Segregation is about groups of people coming into a country where they do not reside to make off with resources that could have been well used if left where they were.




Rosa Industrials is a domed work, similar to a shield. Made of a metal shard rose in the center, rusted hardware nestled in Green Bali Stone, with terra cotta, dalle de verre, brick cubes, and other metal detritus. The antidote for our digital overload.

Available. Contact me for more info.


Rosa Industrialis

Green Machine is 14" round with rusted hardware, pebble, stone, porcelain, pearls, and gold leaf. Available. Contact me for more info.


Green Machine

Winter City Scape Mandala is a 12", Black, Grey, and White mandala showing a series of buildings (the border) wrapping around a lake in the center. SOLDSimilar works can be made to order.


Winter City Scape

5x5" Smalti (Italian glass used for traditional mosaic work) Based on a portrait.



Eye See You 2

Just under 17" round. This riff on a peacock feather motif symbolizes prosperity. The Stems of the feathers are all colored 24-carat Gold embellished with dalle de verre and smalti and pebbles. AVAILABLE $2400 Contact me for more info. 


Perfectly Imperfect

Circum Actum Recycle. 15" Plate, Litovi, Cinca Ceramic, brick, terracotta, redstone, pebble, and metal.

SOLD in 2021

A similar work can be made but it may contain slightly different materials depending on what is available when commissioned.


Circum Actum Recycle

Expansion Mandala is a 14" round. Pebble and stone in a colorful gradation.

NFS - Collection of the Artist.

Similar work can be made to order. I do not try to replicate works so flexibility is helpful.


Expansion Mandala

Celtic Knot was made while at the Olive Stack Residency. This was 8" and included limestone, quartz pebbles, smalti, and dalle de verre.


Similar works are always available. Mandalas are a favorite of mine.


Celtic Knot

The Lull


The Lull

Clear Flow is made of Dalle de Verre, Pebble, Smalti, Colored Gold, and bluestone. When all is going well, there is flow and things appear calm and orderly

NFS - Private Collection


Clear Flow

While spending time in Ireland I went to the beach as often as possible. This was made entirely of objects found at the beach.

It was SOLD to an Australian who was in Ireland on holiday.


Balincocan Beach

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