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Interior Designs

Our projects have included backsplashes for kitchens, baths, and workrooms/studios. We can also create fireplace surrounds, floor insets (opening must be ready to go and pre-prepped), as well as niche insets. Prices start at $850 for a 6” x 30” and increases for larger works. Installation is priced separately. We will bring an assistant or you may provide us with one of your choosing. We do the design and fabrication in our studio and bring the work ready to be installed at an agreed-upon time.


13.int_.Southport-Delmar-Entryway (1).jpg

Southport Delmar Entryway



Ocean House

This kitchen belongs to an avid biker. The mandala above the stove has bike spokes from a bike that was hundreds of years old. The other mandalas have chains, odometer, tools to fix his bike and bones and other finds along the way. As well as other parts that he had collected on his long bike rides in various parts of the United States. This whimsical backsplash uses colors that represent forests, Redstone formations in the southwestern national parks, the soft tans of the beaches along the coasts. It is 18" tall and 15 ' long.


Bicycle Backsplash

This is from the show Extreme Makeover which was so popular a few years back. I worked with a design team in Hollywood, CA that asked me to use certain tiles, and they provided them, as well as the rest of the materials. This was the most chaotic form of productivity I have ever witnessed. There were 300 to 400 workers at the house at any given time. We were assigned work time slots between 7 am and 11 pm so our team could come in and do our design work. During the short build I worked with another amazing artist on painting the ceilings in several of the rooms of this castle. Yes, it literally was a castle. The house is in Voluntown, CT and it still has a drawbridge.


Extreme Home Makeover Backsplash



Ardente Bath Backsplash


1.Int_.Floral-backspash (1).jpg

Floral Backsplash


2.Int_.-Niches.det_ (1).jpg

Niches Det

This is a bathroom at a house along the coast of Rhode Island. These large scallop shells were the theme part of a seashore theme. The shades of glass were set in a gradient of blues and greens. The strip is 5" tall and just under 10' long.


Shell Inset



Chicken Kitchen

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