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School Projects

Available for ½ day or the entire day (5 hours plus 2 hours for travel and setup/breakdown). Specializing in Mosaic making in several styles, small individual projects, or large-scale permanent installations available. 1 - 10 day residencies ranging from $385 per day to $4000 for a 10-day project with 1 planning day for teaching staff and one closeout day, with 8 days in the classroom. Up to 40 students with school - please provide assistance in the classroom for large groups. Smaller groups of 10 - 15 students work very well. Projects have included glass, stone, and plastic recycling mosaics, sculptural items, and a large-scale paper mosaic based on geometric math patterns. I have worked in preschool, grade school, high school, and University settings. Former CT-certified teaching artist from 2009 to 2020. Due to covid and staff changes, I am not listed but am certified to do classroom work in collaboration with teachers, teacher’s aids, and the help of volunteers. Available for residency and retreat work in New England, the USA, and internationally.

Green Street Art Center Container Garden. This is the before shot. You can see some of the pebble slabs to the left, ready to be installed. 45 children designed the gardens, some of the sections had edible plants and some were ornamental. The caretaker was a local and tended this garden lovingly for several years before this Art Center at Wesleyan University closed its doors.


Wesleyan GSAC Before

This is the AFTER shot at Green Street Art Center.
The upper left was filled with Seedum, and the lower bed to the right is also seedum but a different type. The container at the lower right is asparagus. As you can see the pebble slabs - made by 8 - 18-year-olds - came out beautifully.


Wesleyan GSAC After

Newtown CT. When I first visited this Newtown High School there was a palpable sense of loss after the killings at Sandy Hook. Many residents of this town were deeply affected. The group of kids decided to make their own design to upgrade this boring cement wall and they also installed a garden that the grounds and maintenance crew took care of.


Newtown HS Before

The kids decided to use the school mascot as their hero. The bird is seen breaking through and overcoming obstacles. NOT ONE of the 18 kids who participated in this project had ever done any mural painting or gardening. It is noteworthy that they continued the "garden" on this wall. At this point, they have long since graduated. I hope they are doing well!


Newton HS After

A Math and Art Intersection. Paper mosaic made from colored paper after doing a series of calculations. Just a few of the 40 or so students that participated in this program outside of Hartford, CT
Available for residencies. Day rates and multi-day projects that coincide with a teaching module such as history, math, science, or art.

Contact me for more information.


Lincoln Middle School

These little cuties were in class at the Daisy Ingraham School. As you can see the project was about Reduce.Re-use.Recycle and they did. Juice boxes, foam, forks, toys, bottle caps. We also used glass and shells and other sparkly fun things. The 3x5' panel was installed in a main hallway.


Westbrook Elementary

St Johns Prep School. This project was a culmination of the work of 400 students, their teachers who are to this day dear friends of mine, a dedicated team of installers, and a landscape crew who set up and prepped the sites for us and then helped to install all the thousands of tiny precast slabs that they boys created with the head of the art department and one of the art history professors.


St. Johns Prep Before

St. Johns Prep after installation of thousands of small pre-cast pebble mosaic slabs. This was one of four sites that we three helped to create and facilitate.

St. Johns Prep After


This residency at South Windsor High School had marine biology and other AP science class students spending time outdoors. The students had a series of exercises to complete relating to the land and how they found it. They also set about finding and gathering recycled materials such as food packaging and all the hundreds of pounds of single-use items we throw out on a daily basis. Also included were natural items such as pine cones, shells, and leaves. There were used to create mandalas that told a story created by each team of students. The mandalas were combined with a statement and other written work about their project and what they learned during this project.


South Windsor HS

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